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About us
Welcome to the What A Looker Picture Rating Monthly Beauty Contest, a web site where you can find hundreds of photo personals and picture profiles and rate girl pictures or guy photos or make your own picture available for rating!
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We are excited to offer this unique online monthly modeling game where the masses decide which contestant they like the most. All votes are counted fairly using a special mathematical weighted formula and we disallow contestants to manipulate their own votes for the purpose of winning. Currently, we are in a free trial period and allowing the first 1000 contestants in free. At that point, we should have a big enough base of contestants to make the contest interesting and the money prizes big. Obviously, the current monthly prizes come out of our own pockets, but after the trial is over, we will start charging only 1 dollar per contestant picture. The more contestants we have, the bigger the MONEY POT! We welcome you to spread the word to all of your friends, have them vote for you, and join in as well! The great thing about this contest is, besides all the money you can win, you may also be discovered by modeling agencies in affiliation with us, always looking for new talent in any area of the world! Good Luck!

This free photo personals and monthly picture rating beauty contest is aimed at helping people get some exposure to their looks and find someone special for romance and dating. Winning the contest equals winning money at the end of the month, which is always a good thing! Besides that, it's really flattering to know that your looks are highly appreciated by others. The latter certainly has a positive impact on your self-esteem, which is in turn, one of the major ingredients in the love-potion that helps you gain your romantic victories. Our free picture rating beauty pageant website contains hundreds of pictures that you can rate. You can also take part in the contest by submitting your own photo and have it rated by others. It's a fantastic experience that you get, interacting with members of our photo personals community. So wait no more and be one of the first 1000 to join the contest for free!
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